Particle Skin
Resurfacing SM

Frequently Asked Questions

How long has Particle Skin Resurfacing
SM been around?

The procedure was pioneered in Europe over a decade ago. Over a million patients have been successfully treated.

Can Particle Skin ResurfacingSM erase fine lines and crows feet from around the eyes?

Yes, many patients see a remarkable reduction of fine lines in this area.

Who are the best candidates for the treatment?

Patients who are in good general health, possess proper skin tone, and desire realistic results are excellent candidates.

Is Particle Skin ResurfacingSM for everyone?

Unlike many other skin resurfacing techniques, this procedure does not discriminate. Particle Skin Resurfacing SM is ideal for heavily pigmented skin types, including that of Hispanics, African Americans and Asians. As many aestheticians will tell you, there are many contraindications for chemical and laser peels. Because there is no acid or thermal effect, hypo-pigmentation and hyperpigmentation are non issues with Particle Skin ResurfacingSM. In addition, there is minimal risk with this proven procedure.

Is the treatment effective for acne?

Yes, but we do recommend that you schedule a consultation for a pre-screening evaluation. During your consultation, you may request a sample of the Particle Skin ResurfacingSM treatment on your hand to verify its effectiveness and painlessness. Many clients have experienced significant benefits.

How expensive is the procedure?

This new skin resurfacing procedure is far less expensive than laser resurfacing. Most clients believe the price is quite reasonable. Because treatments are spaced weekly, the cost can be deferred over 5-9 weeks.

How can I learn more about Particle Skin Resurfacing SM?

Please call our office at (502) 583-3189 and we will be happy to send you additional literature on PSR and schedule a no obligation consultation to evaluate your specific needs.

VOGUE magazine*, in its August 1998 issue, featured an article on the Particle Skin ResurfacingSM procedure that proclaimed the benefits of this revolutionary new skin restoration treatment.
(* This was a non paid Editorial.)

Particle Skin ResurfacingSM is a registered service mark of DERMA GENESIS, INC.

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