Patented technologynew.gif (814 bytes)
LPG's main treatment head features:

  • Dual motorized rollers automatically roll and unroll the skin fold in all directions

  • Adjustable features include treatment intensity, rotational speed of rollers, cycle ratio and frequency (rhythmicity)

A "Smart Head"new.gif (814 bytes)
Ergonomically designed with front-grip. LCD crystal display screen provides real-time feedback on:

  • Tissue thickness of the skin fold

  • Changes in tissue condition

  • Hour use of both filters (main head and auxiliary)

Multiple Programs*new.gif (814 bytes)
The CelluM6 is pre-programmed for Endermologie's cosmetic and therapeutic treatments. An easy to read LCD screen displays Endermologie's:

  • 5 cellulite programs

  • 5 therapeutic programs

  • 3 face programs

Auxiliary featuresnew.gif (814 bytes)
A second articulated mobile arm for improved accessibility to six auxiliary heads:

  • 3 heads with spring-loaded rollers and built-in controls

  • 3 heads with stationary rollers for more in-depth action 

  • Storage unit for all auxiliary heads

Rhythmicitynew.gif (814 bytes)
This new feature allows for variable stimulation of the connective tissue, altering the height and thickness of the skin fold.

  • Rhythmicity exerts force perpendicular, as well as tangential, to the surface of the tissue

  • Rhythmic values are adjustable, both in terms of frequency of the skin-fold lift and cycle ratio (lift-to-rest ratio)



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