Your program for success

  • Make an appointment with your Endermologie-certified therapist

  • Discuss your health, your lifestyle, and yes, your cellulite, with your Endermologie therapist to build an individualized program

  • Ask for before and after photographs, to document your results

  • Expect, on average, 14 sessions

  • Spend 35 minutes reveling in a relaxing and pleasant massage-like treatment. And enjoy the benefits of Endermologie...


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The New Generation
of Endermologie

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Facial Treatment

The Program



What Our Patients are saying...

"I thought losing weight had to be hard, boy was I wrong"
"Thank you Dr. Stege, my daughter is a new person!"
"Fear was keeping me from losing weight, don't let it keep you from being thinner."
"They helped me realize being heavy was not my fault."

"I did it for me, but the fact that everyone else noticed isn't bad either ."
"I lost the weight but I didn't have to do it alone."



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