Beads are an important part of Nigerian traditional attire. Nok culture provides evidence of the earliest civilization in Nigeria with some of its terra-cotta figures depicting human beings, wearing what are presumably strings of stone beads around the necks, wrists and ankles. Beads are used everywhere in the world but the African-made beads stand out. They are used as necklaces and bracelets. The Nigerian style glass beads have caught on very fast and glass necklaces are all the rage now. The sacred grove at Igbo Olokun, located in Ile-Ife, Southwestern Nigeria, has long been known for the massive quantities of glass beads (fig. Powder Glass Beads from Ghana & Elsewhere The term "powder glass beads" can be attributed to any variant made using the recycled glass procedure, and have been popular since the 18th Century, when used as a currency for trade. The Akka bead is of different colours: light green; darkbrown, dark-red; blue and white. Types of Beads Most common being the round shape with size 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm and 12mm. Beads are small, round and perforated objects which are usually strung to form necklaces or bracelets or attached to garments or articles of clothing for decorative effect. A precious coral is more popular than any other gem in Nigeria. The red stone beads have different names such as Agate, Akun and Jasper. READ ALSO: Nigerian bead making tutorials. A false pearl has uneven holes inside; in a real one, holes are more concave. Explore a great selection of genuine Beads at the best price in Nigeria Price in Naira Enjoy cash on delivery - Order now! It is a very old tradition that has been passed on for many centuries. There is also locally made bead called Akori or Aggrey mostly used by Benin people, which is made from blue coral by Benin craftsmen. There are different types of beads. By Alao Abiodun. Silibeads type Q glass beads are sintered and polished quartz beads (synthetic silica glass) used as high purity grinding beads. In Nigeria, both men and women wear expensive beads on their wedding day. Jewelry is a symbol of love, art and culture. Jewelry is a symbol of love, art and culture. Now let's talk about the most popular ones! Coral beads are mostly imported from Italy and Singapore, which is why they are rather costly. Colour lined beads – Two-toned beads with one color on the outside and another on the inside. How do you spot a real one? It is a very old tradition that has been passed on for many centuries. The amulet of femininity, a symbol of elegance and a sign of good taste – all these things can be said about the pearl. Flatbacks are crystals flat on one side that can be applied with glue. There are different types of beads. Why are beads so popular in Nigeria? Discover Beads products online at Jumia Nigeria. Nigeria fishery statistics - 2016 Summary report The total fish demand for Nigeria based on the 2014 population estimate of 180m is 3.32m Mt. In Nigeria, both men and women wear expensive beads on their wedding day. Do NOT follow this link or you will be banned from the site. They are produced by special thermal forming processes in rotary kilns. African beads are exquisite works of art.. Beads are often worn while expressing art for example, in Nigeria, Kalakuta queens at Fela’s shrine were often adorned in colourful beads while performing on stage. It is said that the wife of Oduduwa, Olokun Senaide established the art of glass bead-making in the ancient city of the Ile-Ife, and Igbo-Olokun  (Olokun Grave) is known to be her work-shop which covers some acres of land as long as 12 acres. There are a number of tribal cultures that have raised beadwork to its highest levels, employing it not only for rites and ceremonies, but incorporating beadwork into the utensils of everyday life, turning the most mundane objects into living works of art, and probably the best known of all are the Maasai. Beads function as an important part of personal ornamentation. In some Nigerian states, coral beads are a symbol of royalty. There are different shapes to choose from including just mentioned smooth round, chips and nuggets of semi-precious stones (e.g. Here we look at the most popular types of African Beads, along with the characteristics that make them distinguishable. amethyst, jade, agate) that are irregular in shape. They also make their glass beads from a mixture of quartz, sand, chalk and natron. Seed beads are tiny beads of different sizes and shapes (triangles, squares, oblongs, tubes etc.). Most societies in Africa use them for adornment. The method of boring the beads is said to have originated from old Oyo, and it requires a special skill. Beads are made of a great variety of materials namely: glass, copper, wood, silver, brass aluminum, bone, horn, shell, coral, pearl, jet, amber, mineral, including precious stones, ceramics and plastics. There are various kinds of beads in Nigeria. Today, we are seeing a lot more Nigerian beads in diverse materials such as: pearl beads, glass beads and crystals. Besides this, we have the opaque and red bead called “Iyun”. The “Erinla” has striped colours. 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The main feature of valuable corals is their red or bright pink skeleton colour. The word bead is coined from an old-German language meaning ‘to pray,’ and is used for several purposes. Coral bead has remained popular among the people of Niger Delta areas of Nigeria as part of the regalia worn by the rulers and kings. Every kind differs from the other and represents different meanings. They make the glass beads from discarded coloured glass which they melt down and form  into beads. Ile-Ife has been known as a famous city for bead making. Rattles are typically played in ritual or religious context, predominantly by women. The earliest beads in Nigeria are “Segi” and “Iyun”. Download Vanguard News App. Drums of many kinds are the most common type of percussion instrument in Nigeria.

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