Do B-12 shots really work?  Many diet clinics require B-12 shots and claim it is a “fat burner”.  There is little convincing scientific evidence that this is true.  It is not indicated in the PDR.  It is used in patients who have had weight loss surgery, as they may not absorb enough B-12 from their diet.

Did Dr Stege prescribe Phen-Fen?  No.  The risk of fatal pulmonary hypertension associated with Fenfluramine was known at the time of it popularity and he did not think it was safe.  The original Phen-Fen result showed an equal weight loss using the Phentermine alone.

Are diet pills safe? The prescription diet pills used in our office are all FDA approved to be safe and effective.  They have been used for years and by thousands of our patients.  

Can I take diet pills if I have high blood pressure, heart, thyroid, or other medical problems? Yes.  With some of the newer medications there is something for everyone.

Will my insurance pay for my visits and medication?  Some insurances do.  We suggest you check with your insurance company or employer.  We can provide you with a copy of your super-bill that you can use to file yourself.  You can check with the pharmacy in our office about coverage of your medications, he accepts all insurances. 

Are weight loss expenses tax deductable?  Yes, office visits and medications for medically necessary weight loss have been ruled tax deductable by the IRS. Most flex spending accounts and health savings plans will pay as well.  

Do prescription diet pills work? Yes.  In one review of our charts our patients lost 20,000 pounds in a three year period. 

Do over the counter medicines work? Are they safe?  Most over the counter diet pills either do not work, or are not safe.  The most effective over the counter diet pill was Ephedra, which was taken off the market by the FDA because it was causing strokes in young women. 

Do fat burners work?  There are no medications that actually burn fat.  Fat is burned when the body burns more calories in exercise that is taken in by consuming food.  Beware of such claims. 

Don’t be scammed!  There are many products on the market that do not work and clinics that sell expensive food products, non-approved medication and treatments.  Look for a physician certified by the American Board of Bariatric Medicine www.abbmcertification.org and a member of the American Society of Bariatric Physicians www.asbp.org  

What should I ask a doctor about his weight loss practice?  First ask if they are board certified by the American Board of Bariatric Medicine.  Ask if a complete physical, blood work with diabetes and thyroid checks, a urinalysis, a body fat analysis, and EKG heart test are done.  Is the doctor also certified in Family Practice, and able to help you with other medical problems?

What Our Patients are saying...

"I thought losing weight had to be hard, boy was I wrong"
"Thank you Dr. Stege, my daughter is a new person!"
"Fear was keeping me from losing weight, don't let it keep you from being thinner."
"They helped me realize being heavy was not my fault."

"I did it for me, but the fact that everyone else noticed isn't bad either ."
"I lost the weight but I didn't have to do it alone."



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