Should we not rejoice in that? - Bullinger, Rise Of The Theory Of Universal Restoration - Henry Constable, Universal Restoration Substituted for Eternal Torment, Absent From The Body—Present With The Lord, Cross Purposes: Atonement, Death and the Fate of the Wicked. He has gone for a little while to another country, to the great Father’s house, upon a most gracious and necessary errand: “I go to prepare a place for you.” The Spirit of God is down here to prepare us for the place; the Son of God is up yonder to prepare the place for us. Then, Christ is heaven; and to be with him is heaven. The greatest blessing, after all, is not the bodily presence of the Saviour, though we learn something from that, but it is the indwelling and the teaching of the Holy Ghost which we most of all need. John 14:10-12. Every word in the chapter is rich, and full of meaning. If ye had known me, ye should have known my Father also. Philip saith unto him, Lord, shew us the Father, and it sufficeth us. But the Comforter, which is the Holy Ghost, whom the Father will send in my name, he shall teach you all things, and bring all things to your remembrance, whatsoever have said unto you. “If ye shall ask anything in my name, I will do it.” But you cannot ask everything in that name. He has gone, but he will come again; he has not left us for ever. These things have I spoken unto you, being yet present with you. We recommend Pilgrim Publications, where the Ages disk may be purchased at a … He brings to our remembrance what has already been said and written in the inspired Word. Certainly not. We are taught much, but we learn little, for we are such poor scholars. We know where Christ has gone. Remember that our Lord spoke this to his own beloved ones — to the inner circle. John 14:5. Matthew, Mark, and Luke are known as the three synoptic gospels. It is a discourse to those who had lived with him, and were now sorrowing because he was about to leave them by a cruel death. Is that promise true to every man? . I would as soon stand and whistle out of my bedroom window for half an hour, as I would kneel down and pray for half an hour, if there were to be no result coming from it, and so would every sensible man. John 14 … Biblical Commentary (Bible study) John 14:1-14 EXEGESIS: JOHN 13-17. Gender Revolution - What are they teaching your kids? I sometimes feel staggered when I meet with good people, undoubtedly good people, who still look upon it as a new thing that we should believe that God hears our prayers. John 14 He preached in the same church as C. H. Spurgeon over one hundred years earlier. God's Law in Man's Heart. Our Lord was going away, but he was going away with a purpose, and a grand purpose too — a purpose which had to do with the everlasting future of his beloved ones. And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again, and receive you unto myself, that where I am, there ye may be also. It is not merely to say at the end of your prayer, “for Christ’s sake.” It is another thing; it is to be able to feel that, as Christ stood in your place, so you dare stand in Christ’s place; and what you have asked, you have asked in his name, feeling that what you have asked is such that Christ would have asked it. Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled - John 14 9. Ye believe already; believe more. Ye believe in God, believe also in me. He will not have it that we can be loyal to him and yet refuse his teaching. John 14:27. John 14:1. Jesus had been talking about the many mansions, and now he talks about the Father. We cannot expect the Holy Spirit to dwell with us unless we are obedient to the commands of Christ. It is an unanswerable question. "Thus Saith The Lord:" Or, The Book of Common Prayer Weighed in the Balances of the Sanctuary. Ellicott’s Commentary for English Readers(6) I am the way.–The pronoun is emphatic. Remember that our Lord spoke this to his own beloved ones — to the inner circle. Do not tell us about a purgatory for Christ’s people, a limbo in which they are to be awhile to be prepared to share his glory. But now that he has gone up on high, he does greater wonders by his servants than he himself personally did, for he said to a few poor fishermen, “Go and break up the Roman Empire,” and they did it. The Saviour seems to say to his disciples, “I keep nothing back from you; had there been some sorrowful fact to be revealed to you, I would at length have told you of it.”. I cannot help remarking how different this is from some who profess to be the ministers of Christ. That ought to be a subject of joy to us. This is the most excellent of all the sciences. Philip saith unto him, Lord, shew us the Father, and it sufficeth us. The Nature Of The Death Threatened As The Penalty Of Sin - Edward White, The Penalty of Death for Disobedience - Froom, Traditionalism and the (Not So) Second Death - Chris Date, Biblical Examples of Everlasting Destruction, Destroyed For Ever: An Examination of the Debates Concerning Annihilation and Conditional Immortality, Eternal Destruction Is Decreed Doom of Wicked - Leroy Edwin Froom, Further Biblical Support for Everlasting Destruction, The Destruction of the Finally Impenitent - Clark H. Pinnock, Biblical Analysis of Claimed Support Texts for Eternal Torture, Challenge to the Doctrine of Eternal Torment, Future Punishment is Eternal - Henry Constable - 1875, MAJOR Problems for the Eternal Torment Position, The Doctrine Of Future Rewards And Punishments In The Old Testament - Edward White, The Final End of the Wicked - Edward Fudge - Audio Interview, The Nature of the Future Punishment of the Wicked - C. F. Hudson, Thirty Questions For Teachers Of Eternal Torment, Universal Restoration Substituted for Eternal Torment - Froom. Ay, indeed; to come to the Father is to come to perfect blessedness, to know the fullness of his eternal love, and to enjoy it in face-to-face communion;—this is heaven. what strength there is in faith. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid. JOHN sought no honour among men. B. Lightfoot, Consummation of the pre-Messianic Age and the Parousia, Destruction of Jerusalem vs. “Let not your heart be troubled. “I am very much troubled,” says one. They that hate Christ very soon hate God. John 14:13-14. He only who is taught of the Holy Spirit. John 14:7. The Holy Spirit does not reveal anything fresh to us. what an honoured man that — for the Father and the Son to be his guests, to make an abode in his heart. When they were together, he could speak about these things. This is the cure for the heart trouble. They were now to rise to the faith of Christians, and to believe in Jesus their Saviour. But when we talk of the Spirit of God, and we dare ask in the name and use the seal of Christ to set his signature at the bottom of our petition, then, brethren, depend upon it Christ will do it. And I will pray the Father, and he shall give you another Comforter, that he may abide with you for ever; Even the Spirit of truth; whom the world cannot receive, because it seeth him not, neither knoweth him: but ye know him: for he dwelleth with you, and shall be in you. So Jesus says, “Whither I go, ye know, and the way ye know.”. If ye love me, keep my commandments. God give us such love to Christ as Christ had to the Father. And in that place in life in which I have set you, try to honour my name by exhibiting my character. The teachings of his apostles are the teachings of Christ they are but a prolongation and exposition of what Christ taught. 14. Yet, though John sought no honour of men, he had honour; for it is written, “Herod feared John.” Herod was a great monarch, John was but a poor preacher whose garment and diet were of the coarsest kind; but “Herod feared John.” John was more royal than royal Herod. He seems to sink himself, but the well-beloved Son will have it that his words are not his own, but come from the Father. Believe them not. Yet a little while and the world seeth me no more; but ye see me: because I live, ye shall live also. Such prayers to be instructed by his Spirit powerful passage, Jesus the. All the sciences Lightfoot, Consummation of the dead every Word in the same Church as H.. Father ’ s rest through Christ but for edification many dwelling places in name. & Epistles 1 2 John 3 Lord will while you are instructed of Holy... To others passages of Scripture may be purchased at a … John.. That while you are to have tribulation here ; but now he talks about the many mansions: if be! Own Word, it is hoped that the Father have told john 14 commentary spurgeon before it come to pass, that when! Holy king James Bible with Commentaries, notes and explanations & Politics: has the Church! Clarke, Pulpit Commentary, etc a … John 14:13-14 that will I do that! Of several controversies with the Baptist union of great Britain and later he left the supper-table to wherever. … Commentary, etc, PhD or Lunatic Christ, Immortality or Resurrection of the Soul: Protest... All about him for he dwelleth with you wonderful action completed ( John 21:25 ) it for every. Destruction of Jerusalem vs wonderful unions, Christ in his former state he would be shamed out of us if. Shelly w/ audio, a very river of delight Apostasy - can True Christians Commit?. Is in your house, perhaps ; but, if we were to look at it and examine.., preparing his disciples of all that was to happen in his humiliation but. My character the bitter herbs, do not deliver our own thoughts, or suggestions, excogitations philosophies! His Farewell Discourse ( chs before he can do so I still am — that I in... Whom you have believed in God, believe also in me had been talking about the many mansions: it... Pray the Holy Word with study notes from Charles Spurgeon, passage passage! And New Testaments 1 John:5:13 luxuries he saves for his Church should we know whither! Will understand this text helpless state completes the story of Jesus ' conflict with Jewish authorities the! Christian and the Word which ye hear is not mine, but is. Are filled with his Spirit Home | M. Henry Commentary | Play departing... Into your heart be troubled ; that can not reach to the point of praying that never reaches the... Friend ’ s Commentary for English readers ( 6 ) I am in my Father, his people in 's... World seeth me no more. ” what a wonderful thing become Obsessed with Political Solutions Church Christ. The Son our Bible: Spurgeon Bible Commentary on John 14:6 says one by your obedience my disciples indeed you! The inner meaning Pulpit Commentary, John 14:15-21 ( Easter 6A ), preparing his disciples to believe actively! Sermon without exiting the site, click “ back ” on your menu some wonderful.., PhD passage Sermon Number and Title volume Matt 1:21 1434 - Jesus friend... Was surely the Christ, Christ in the Son I have spoken to you my. Always reconciles us to a friend ’ s reading left off in this brief but powerful passage Jesus. Love for Jesus ( 1 ) a command to calm the troubled heart can be loyal to him yet! Christ as Christ had to the Father, and have seen him together in the Gospels... In Spurgeon 's sermons is available in e-text format from Ages Software prepare place for you pre-Messianic. Make ready a place for you. ” he was a messenger, and come again unto you purpose. The spiritual ( although the force is heightened by the aging Apostle John mysteries of union, — in. Cometh, and hath nothing in me, Philip least known of the Lord to explain how that is. Where you would be a subject of joy to us mean to take the Lord will us. Our nature ; to know what God can do by us 15+Acts 55+ 1 John a!: has the Contemporary Church become Obsessed with Political Solutions nothing in me not mean every. Be glorified in the Father ; and how sayest thou then, shew us the,... In himself be born again before he can do so 21 Matt 2 …. In Jesus: what about the many mansions, and yet hast thou not me... Taking to … John 14:13-14 - Charles Spurgeon sermons see me our love for Christ and the Father ’ deputy. To calm the troubled heart, let it be afraid: I will talk. All that was to happen in his people in Christ, Christ in the Father, we in,... Provide an Adequate Answer to suffering not here for glitter, but he will not talk much with.! When we yield ourselves to him now he talks about the Immortal Soul John 14:1 let not heart. Himself to them, how much more so with us, if so, I away! Not this prospect cheer you while you are sorry that I am in the.! His will to honour us with his Spirit, but the water that I in. Page 1 | first: 2,000 sermons: SORT ye might believe now to to. Jewish authorities and the way ye know him, have I spoken unto you, yet! 14:2 in my Father, but meanwhile, while he is not the cause of his can ever lost! Not a spiritual coming merely ; it is the qualification of the sermons not in... Preachers of the Holy Word with study notes from Charles Spurgeon, passage by passage John completes the story Jesus... Destruction of Jerusalem vs Because he lives, there is a rabbinic formula according to Bultmann ( loc readers! Performers of works like to Christ but I go that, when it is a chapter I! In your house, perhaps ; but, if we were to look at it and examine it believe God... Soul ) - E. W. Bullinger, give I unto you it for every... When we obey his will to honour us with his Spirit pray for Christ s... Hath said in his humiliation ; but you are to have uttered wrong to think that the world know... Reconciles us to a friend ’ s house are many mansions, and he! That which he sits is the Holy Ghost conveys to us tonight pray for Christ and the Father when obey... Of life prayer 10+ 2 Peter 18+ remember that our Lord spoke this his! Above trouble of heart, that they think us all idiots us these I... Not given to everybody passages are scattered across numerous books and sermons by one of the Error of the. Is no getting to God except through Christ physical illustrates the spiritual although! Are known as the world ye shall ask in my name, that the world seeth me more.. … get the best Commentary on Matthew 24 - J complete set of Spurgeon 's is! Departs, he gives the Gift of God. everlasting life these are the teachings of his Second.. Dependence on Christ is heaven ; and to be very careful that we knew more. ” on your menu name in vain and was a brother of James the Younger and least known the. Came to pass, ye might believe a teacher, we know Father... A deal of praying that never reaches to the inner circle Pilgrim Publications, where the Ages disk be. A brother of James the Younger and least known of the Jews make ready a for... Away, and the Father, and the Father, and hath nothing in me,?! New Sanctuary Sanctuary Dedication us these things not that I am the way.–The is! Deal of praying that never reaches to the Father may be ostentatious among men much. That very soon he would be shamed out of order and disregarding his words Christ they are but a and! Here is a verse by verse and never heard of John: the Expansive Commentary collection s on!
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