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Louisville Center for Weight Loss

Phentermine (Adipex P, Fastin, Ionamin)

Phentermine is the most effective, safest, least expensive diet medication. On it most of our patient lose five to ten pounds a month. It is taken once a day in the morning, and is time released to suppress your appetite all day long. Side effects are usually minor, including dry mouth, constipation, rapid heart rate, and nervousness. Some people find they have more energy and use this to exercise more. It is not associated with the rare but fatal lung disease of PPH (primary pulmonary hypertension). It can not be taken by patients with heart disease (angina or heart attack), and some kinds of glaucoma. In Dr. Weintraub’s research it was as effective as alone as the combination of “phen-fen”.


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Jamal Aboulhosn, RPH

At East Broadway Pharmacy, you can conveniently and affordably fill your prescription medication on-site. Dr. Jamal Aboulhosn is committed to providing fast and friendly service and takes great pride in doing so.